Rovagnati is the most famous and bestselling producer of cured meat in Italy.

Ancient knowledge and typical flavours, the art and tradition of Cured Ham Rovagnati style.
The secret of a quality cured meat is finding the right balance between:

  • The high quality of the source hams, frequently coming from certified livestock;
  • The curing and surrounding micro-climate;
  • The salting process, which not only gives a sweeter or more savoury taste but, in association with the humidity level, is a fundamental and integral aspect of the aging. Only professionalism based on solid experience and thorough familiarity with every detail can produce an excellent result.

ETG offers a wide selection of packaged cold cuts in different formats and with different shelf life. Discover below the Rovagnati brand lines, from classic products to dedicated high-end productions. Fill in the form below to receive more information.

Product quantities are subject to change on a weekly basis – Prices may vary according to expiry date.

I Firmati line

Sliced in trays as fresh as if they had just been cut. The taste and quality of always, dedicated to everyone. And from today, gluten-free.

Borgo line

A line designed to guarantee high quality, born from a careful selection of certified raw materials. A journey through the authentic flavours and fragrances of our territory.

Gran Biscotto line

The most famous and best-selling cooked ham in Italy. An excellent taste and an unmistakable aroma, the result of a manufacturing process made of passion.

Snello line

A line with a focus on taste and well-being. All the flavour of traditional cured meats with a low fat content and no preservatives.

Panatine line

Ideal for a quick dinner or a tasty aperitif. Ready in just 5 minutes, prepared with healthy ingredients and free of gluten, added glutamate and palm oil.

4YOU line

Tasty and quick recipes, the perfect combination of quality and convenience. It only takes a few minutes to bring to the table a product from the 4 You line, prepared with the finest ingredients.

Zero line

A range of traditional cured meats perfect for those who are careful about their diet. Nitrite-free, gluten-free and dairy-free.

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