ETG SRL and Altromercato are pleased to announce their commercial partnership outside the Italian market.

Altromercato, the main FAIR TRADE ORGANISATION in Italy and one of the biggest in the world, since 1998, has been developing, promoting and distributing fair trade and organic products. They work with over 150 partners in 45 countries, purchasing from them finished products, raw materials, textiles and other handicrafts.

Altromercato is made up of 99 partners, including cooperatives and associations. It’s a Social Enterprise with 105 members who runs 225 Worldhops, it manages relationships with 155 producer organisations in more than 45 countries, in the South and in the North of the world.

Today sustainability is more important than ever and together with Fair Trade is a key factor that most organisations in todays society strive to achieve.

ETG Srl is their latest new partner.

Product quantities are subject to change on a weekly basis – Prices may vary according to expiry date.


Cocoa sourced from the ethical supply chain, grown on sustainable plantations in the world’s most vocated areas, and transformed into goodness capable of satisfying anyone’s taste-including vegans and gluten-intolerant people, who will find many proposals suitable for them.

Fair trade white, milk and dark chocolate bars enriched with delicious ingredients and offered in different formats, also convenient as snacks to take with you at all times.


Together with ethical producers, Altromercato preserves a bit of natural sweetness for you in each jar of organic honey and jam from their selection. You can enjoy the delicious flavor of sustainable agriculture spread on crusty bread, as a topping for a dessert, or to accompany your favorite aged cheese.

Organic honey-whether monofloral or wildflower-is never pasteurized. In this way all its beneficial properties are kept intact.


The relationship of trust, transparency and continuity that Altromercato has established with its selected coffee and barley producers is the basis for the production of its products. There is a constant commitment to ensure that workers’ rights are respected, that coffee is paid to them at a fair price, and that biodiversity and the land are protected, always.

The process of processing and selling the coffee that Altromercato supports is fair and respectful of the planet. The result is drinks with a unique and traditional taste.


The production of the goodness you find at Altromercato is based on quality relationships built, day after day, with producers. The choice is to respect the planet and the work of others by making sauces, tomatoes and organic sauces that protect biodiversity and agricultural tradition.

A supply chain with a low environmental impact that, thanks to the processing of quality raw materials, makes it possible to offer sauces rich in flavour, at the right price.

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